About Dixon

All photos of me courtesy St. Laurent Photography.

I love what I do and still thank my lucky stars that I get to do it.

I wondered if I might be cut out to be a "listener" way back in high school, but I had no idea that actually doing something with it would have me go through graduate school twice, crawl under stages and into ceilings (installing sound systems in schools and churches), into the classroom (teaching Latin to middle schoolers), dispatching rail cars around North America, and working at four different Barnes and Noble stores in three different states. I sat down with my first client in the fall of 2012 in Memphis, Tennessee and while awkward and afraid I might destroy that person's soul in some clumsy way, knew I'd found my place.

Part of my journey has been a pitched (at times) battle with depression and anxiety-meds and therapy included. I share that because I want you to know I've done oh so very much of the work I'm proposing to do with you. While I don't practice from a distinctly Christian perspective and do not have that specific skillset, I want you to know that if you want our time together to involve religion in any way, I'll be a familiar presence. And please know that if religion isn't your thing in any way at all, I'm confident we'll get on just fine too.

I've got two cats, love music stations with actual live DJs, reading, being outside and guiltlessly having my phone on Do Not Disturb. 

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Some stats:

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Texas. #71606

  • EMDR Trained

  • Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health. The University of Memphis. 2013

  • Master of Arts, Christian Education. Dallas Theological Seminary. 2009.

  • Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy and Religion. Hendrix College. 2003.

  • Winner, 6th Grade Spelling Bee. Washington Middle School. 1992. "electricity."






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